“What we do as skateboarders is we fall. We get back up and we fall.”

Rodney Mullen, known internationally for his ground-breaking innovation and creativity among the skateboarding community, has begun sharing with the world the lessons he has learned throughout his lengthy career as professional skateboarder and entrepreneur. Whether he is speaking at a TEDx or the Smithsonian, his passionate talks on resilience, the creative process, and its connection to the context and community in which it is developed, have inspired people around the world.

“There’s an intrinsic value in creating something for the sake of creating it.”

Mullen makes it clear that creative communities have a lot to learn from the collaborative and co-constructive learning environments that exist among the likes of skateboarders and other open-sourced learners. A powerful, articulate and thoughtful speaker, Mullen has a unique perspective on the world around him.