Working with the likes of Kool Keith, Dave Lombardo, and Yoko Ono, DJ Spooky, A.K.A. Paul D. Miller, is well known as a versatile musician. But Miller is also making a name for himself in the global science community for his unique and innovative exploration of climate change. In 2007 and 2008, Miller went on two expeditions to Antarctica, sparking a multimedia project exploring what Antarctica symbolizes for humanity facing a changing world. In 2014, Miller went to the Arctic circle. Producing film, music, and written work to express his vision, Miller approaches the discussion on climate change in a refreshing and engaging way.

“I was never planning on being a musician. I was planning on being a diplomat who enjoyed art and technology. Instead I became an artist/musician who enjoys diplomacy. The irony of it all.”

Miller also founded the Vanuatu Pacifica Project, which is a non-profit aiming to foster the discussion around how creativity intersects with and can promote sustainability. The Island Innovation Lab is an artist retreat “based on the principle that art can help reframe the debate on Climate Change.” He has also become a sought out public speaker as he continues to explore how technology and the arts relate in this current world of geopolitical events. He has been published in the The Source, The Village Voice, Artforum, and The Wire and is the editor of Origin Magazine.