“If we have a better handle on what the mass of the Milky Way is, we can understand how it and other galaxies form and evolve.”

It’s not often you meet someone like Gwendolyn Eadie. Someone so trained in the physical movements of the body, yet so dedicated to learning about the world our feet cannot yet go. You see, Eadie is a figure skater. An accomplished one. She has toured across North and South America and competed at the University level for two universities. Most recently Eadie competed, winning first and second in two events, in Skate Canada Adult Nationals.

Throughout her figure skating training Eadie has also been on a parallel path, studying astrophysics. And in that she is also proving quite accomplished. Her recent findings studying the mass of the Milky Way, published in May of 2016, have caused a stir in the science world, the significance and implications of which we have yet to determine. Come hear this extraordinary woman speak about our universe, both big and small.