“You know, I think parents are going to be forced to face the reality that they’ve been facing for the last 10 to 15 years, which is that their kids are going to be smarter than them. There’s no way for the generation to catch up with the generation below it.”

Damian Abraham is going to surprise you. Whether you know him as the head-butting front man of Fucked Up, the host of the Wedge, or you’ve been watching late-night Fox News. That’s right. Fox News. This man has appeared on Fox News. But then again, what doesn’t he do? He is fast becoming one of the most versatile humans in media today, period. He is a correspondent for VICE news where he regularly reports on current marijuana issues and debates. He does his own podcast, Turned out a Punk, in which he talks to all sorts of people with one thing in common: they all grew up listening to punk.

He hosted the 2011 reinvented version of the Wedge on Much Music, and is currently the host of the Food Network’s Super Snack Bros!, and the bi-weekly columnist of More Than Music for CBC’s Q. Abraham has appeared on The Layover with Anthony Bourdain. He has interviewed iconic comedians, authors, and actors, including Anthony Bourdain, Laura Jane Grace, and Eugene Levy. Oh, and he hosted the 2014 Toronto mayoral debates. Peter Mansbridge, watch out.